Arno E. Mathieu Presents: Afternoon Fantasy EP - Digital EP

by Arno E. Mathieu

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Alternative Versions

1 - Afternoon Fantasy
2 - Afternoon Fantasy - Fantasy Dub
3 - Atlantico - House Mix
4 - Atlantico - House Dub

All music jamed, written and produced by Arno E. Mathieu for Clima Records
Additional solo Key-boards on "Afternoon Fantasy" by Jonathan Saguez

As life gives some important moments, it was time for me to ask myself where I come from and why am I doing what I am doing in music today.

For me, music is not only sounds, notes or physical vibrations, but it also has to do with situations, stories, experiences and people. Music has given me so many emotions and energy that I wanted to evoke clearly all the fantasies that it has built in my mind since many years. I tried to describe with music how much all these fantasies drive my passion for so long, searching to create again a new story.

Some of us call it our « culture », but in this case I prefer to talk about « fantasy » as we hopefully will never do exactly the same things as the ones who used to influence us. That is also the interest of fantasies: It makes us create an interpretation of what we have experienced through our own prism and sometimes even more about what we have never experienced. Like Henry Rousseau, the 19th century French painter, who used to paint wild animals and jungle landscapes without ever having moved from France…

Here is an imaginary musical landscape from my mind of what I have received and interpreted from these brief trips in NYC around ´98. Hanging out in the A1 record store, listening to « War - The Chase » arriving at Body & Soul in Club Vinyl, hearing some of the most legendary Djs in their own party… All these things merged into my musical education still keep me true to a vision of music today, and I tried to give a tribute to this here.

Laurent Garnier on Tribute & Fantasy EP:
“Since the very first EP Arno released a few years back on his own imprint, I have been a big fan of his productions. Arno has always stood apart from the so-called hype and has developed his own style of trippy-as-hell dancefloor grooves.”

Clima Records
CLR-017 - Digital


released March 28, 2015


all rights reserved


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