Clima Records Presents: Arno E. Mathieu: Circumstance of Chaos - Phase 3: Survival Spaces - 12" Vinyl Release.

by Arno E Mathieu

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Following the 2 first extracts of Circumstances Of Chaos, "Phase 3 - Survival Spaces" is the third vinyl released from this project based on a chronology of moods, feelings and perspectives, that result from a surrounding chaos.

After having described some of the most notable moments of this growing chaos and their consequences, "Phase 3, Survival Spaces" tries to imagine an ethic that could provide the energy we all need to live in these circumstances. 

As we think that the values of friendship, loyalty and faithfulness, are part of a way of life, "THESES DAYS" is a call to never forget the precious moments with your friends, when they bring you support and make you stronger to keep going. 
From the beginning "These Days" has been thought as a friendship collaboration. Originally created as a remix for my buddy Markus Enochson, to pay tribute to that kind of relationship that can save you from the darkness. It is finally my longtime friend, Julien Jabre, who performed the vocals, as a completed friendship circle...

Its been really exciting to collaborate with Japanese singer Yurai, as I have always enjoyed her voice through the NYC Deep House network back in the days. But this is a special one from her repertory called "Rainbow" produced by Tokyo Black Star, that gave me the idea to reach out to her for my Parenthesis track.

PARENTHESIS is about a space-time that needed to be built. Like a mental place to reconnect to (enlever: what brings) natural forces, an ode to contemplation like a simple and nearby source of energy. As said in the middle of this tune when the music gets slower and the drum goes down, like a parenthesis, you will hear a voice saying:

It's not a road that goes somewhere
But more a space to fill a desert 
A common place to breathe underwater
The consiousness of our needed shelter

Like a Parenthesis 
we build an Oasis
Cause In the Chaos
you still need a force

Contemplation offers horizons
Where the landscapes 
bring so much strength



released September 18, 2017


all rights reserved


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