TREMBLING sensing space - CD​​/​​DVD Color Photo Booklet

by Lidy Six & Joaquin Joe Claussell

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Darkness 02:29
Violet 02:07
Indigo 00:39
Indigo 02:23
Blue 04:23
Green 03:33
Yellow 02:36
Yellow 02:28
Red 00:16
Lightness 03:09
Lightness 04:17


In the frame of a huge tunnel under construction, that in a few years time will be guiding a busy artery underneath Amsterdam Central Station along the river IJ, theatre director Lidy Six realized a sensory space, within which a profound experience is created out of light and sound.
DJ/composer Joaquin Joe Claussell and light designer Katinka Marac set the space in motion and transport the senses to a dimension beyond time and space.

In TREMBLING sensing space we create an experiential space by vibrations and trembling's of color and sound - this theatre-installation is like a ritual place, a happening in which color and sound resonate as movements in space. During the experience we move from darkness into the light - think of it as an abstract story of creation or imagine the very first sound that sent everything into motion during the Big Bang. The identity and intensity of the space then changes gradually, while the atmosphere moves from the celestial to an earthly one, from an individual experience to a collective experience of unity.

'In the pitch-dark, way under the ground, a long dark drone sounds best. For the first quarter of an hour of the installation performance Trembling sensing space by director Lidy Six, you will hear the bass tone slowly increasing in volume and power. Finally you reach a deafening volume, so powerful that even the installation on which the audience is seated starts to tremble. This sound produces an immediate physical reaction, a unique experience, as if the churning inner core of the earth is gradually getting closer'De Volkskrant- Vincent Kouters, 14-07-2009


released December 1, 2011


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